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About Us

About Us

The Ultimate Warriors Basketball Academy is a year-round program that offers powerful instruction aligned with national and international standards for teaching youth basketball. Our coaches use the latest research for instruction from the Positive Coaching Alliance, the Four Pillars of Wellbeing, and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

In our basketball program, boys and girls enjoy year-round opportunities that include skill development training, mini-basketball leagues, summer camps and more.The goal in our programs is mastery.

For students to get better, Ultimate Warrior Basketball coaches create a fun environment where participants are stretched and refine their skills by increasing their level of focus and effort. Our coaches understand that mistakes are part of learning, so we encourage our students to embrace the challenges and develop a mistake ritual which helps them to move to the next action. Striving to be mastery winners in basketball creates the model of being winners in life!

This site is central communication for important information about UWB Teams! 

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Field Status

  • Corbett Prep

    Updated: 03/04/2022 12:49PM
    • Bellini Gym - Middle School - Westside
    • Gatlin Hall - Elementary School - Eastside
  • Fivay High School

    Updated: 02/19/2023 08:47PM

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